Classic Wheels
An idea whose time had come

It was our President Mr. K. T. S. Tulsi’s idea that the Heritage Motoring Club of India publish a definitive journal dedicated to Vintage and Classic motoring in India.

Classic Wheels celebrates the achievements of collectors responsible for keeping some of the finest and most distinctive cars and motorcycles in India.

Never before has the story of Classics been told by any journal in India through the eyes and hearts of the people who love them. Classic Wheels, in essence, has over 24 authors. For some it was writing about their experiences for the first time. We are not professional journalists and in editing contributions, we have preferred enthusiasm over strong editing.

Getting together and talking cars is one of the great pleasures of the members of HMCI. An invitation was extended to the membership to share their experience and stories. The response was superb. Albums and scrap books were scoured and shutters clicked furiously as Vintage and Classics were photographed for this Journal. Uncle Seth’s memories were jogged, a vast number of books, magazines and files were perused and budding authors rose to the occasion to produce many of the stories that you will read here.

Classic Wheels is the first journal ever in India on a grand subject. This Journal is a Classic pot pourri - within these pages you will find Mr. Manvendra Singh Barwani’s Cover Story on Grand Classics in India, as also a brief history of automobile marques, icons and milestones. Facts and stories of our passion and enthusiasm abound along with pictorial reports on Classic Revival in India. Vidita Singh’s magnificent full-colour paintings on those fabulous machines add a fine touch.

Classic Wheels is a great team effort and pays homage to these extra-ordinary automobiles of yesterday which, are among the most coveted collector cars of today. That “they don’t build ‘em like they used to” is a cliché. But it is also a fact. Classic Wheels provides proof positive.

Join us in our labour of love as we continue to celebrate the most glorious motor cars the world has ever known.

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