Our Mission
The Heritage Motoring Club of India was formed on September 10, 2001. Membership is now 185 Members nationwide.

The Heritage Motoring Club of India’s mission is to protect, preserve and develop the rich heritage of vintage and classic automobiles (“automobile”) and to encourage sharing of goodwill and fellowship derived from owning or being interested in preserving the heritage of vintage and classic automobiles.

We make the experience of owning an automobile more enjoyable and provide outstanding programs and events focused on the use and enjoyment of our automobiles. Over the past 8 years almost all members and their guests have attended close to 60 events featuring a variety of activities including long distance drives, local drives and shows, technical sessions, social events, member dinners and the only autojumble of spares, literature and services to satisfy the most discriminating enthusiast. Locations are selected based on historical interest and availability of pleasant surroundings and family interest.

Events are organized on a break even costs basis for enjoyment of our members. Long distance drives are organized to enhance driving experience and enjoyment of our automobiles as well as to feature well planned travel routes, natural beauty, scenic sites, special destinations and dining pleasures.

Several events have been organized in association with State governments and its departments, NGOs, corporates and persons of prominence.

In the past three years alone the Heritage Motoring Club of India has organized 40 events and activities for enthusiasts. If you own or have an interest in vintage and classic automobiles, the Heritage Motoring Club of India is the club for you.

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Office Bearers
Mr. K. T. S. Tulsi President
Mr. S. B. Jatti Vice President
Mr. Diljeet Titus General Secretary
Mr. Ranojoy Mukerji Chancellor of Exchequer
Governing Body
Our Club is served by a 14 member Governing Body which meets once every calendar quarter. Members of the Governing Body include the following enthusiasts:

Mr. K. T. S. Tulsi
Mr. S. B. Jatti
Mr. Diljeet Titus
Mr. Ranojoy Mukerji
Mr. R. N. Seth
Mr. Gurmukh Singh Salh
Mr. K. Sultan Singh
Mr. Navinder Singh
Mr. Deepak Marwah
Mr. Jaspal Singh Chaddha
Mr. Charanjit Singh
Mr. Vishvjeet Kanwarpal
Mr. S. K. Lakhotia
Mr. Suhail Dutt
Registered Office
The registered office of our Club is at:
R-77A Greater Kailash-I
New Delhi – 110048
Tel: +91-11-2680100/800/900;
Facsimile: +91-11-26480300;
E-mail: passion@hmci.org.
We do not have our own building yet and have applied to the Government of India for grant of institutional land to build our Headquarters and The National Museum of Vintage & Classic Automobiles of India.

Please direct all correspondence to the General Secretary, Mr. Diljeet Titus at diljeet@hmci.org, dtitus@titus-india.com. Please keep in mind that office bearers are volunteers. Every effort will be made to respond as quickly as their schedules will allow.

Manual for Judging
The Heritage Motoring Club of India is working to publish the official judging guide for the Club. A copy of the Judging Rules can be downloaded as a PDF file once adopted by the Governing Body.
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The registered office:
R-77A Greater Kailash-I
New Delhi – 110048
Tel: +91-11-2680100/800/900;
Facsimile: +91-11-26480300;
E-mail: passion@hmci.org